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  • VPI Player turntable

    VPI Player turntable

    The VPI Player is an all in one turntable. It comes complete with a phonostage, pre-mounted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, and a headphone amplifier. It is the perfect solution to enjoying your records! It also has standard RCA connections providing the...

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  • VPI Prime Scout turntable

    VPI Prime Scout turntable

    Re-introducing the audio world to the best-selling VPI table of all time - better than the old one, better than it should be at this price! The VPI Scout has become one of the world's best-reviewed turntable! The Scout is so simple to set-up,...

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  • VPI Prime turntable

    VPI Prime turntable

    VPI have just announced the brand new VPI Prime turntable. Priced between the Classic 1 and 3, the Prime offers you an evolved Scout-type plinth, Classic 12" platter (which can accommodate the VPI periphery ring), newly designed feet, the award-winning...

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  • Black

    VPI Prime Signature turntable

    "Ask them to play that Dead record on their VPI Prime Signature turntable... flat out stunning" - Herb Reichert Stereophile ​The Prime Signature is the next step up from the Prime, which took the world by storm 2 years ago during its initial release...

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  • VPI Avenger turntable

    The VPI Avenger table was originally a project started by Harry over 12 years ago. In the process of the design the project was dropped in mid-production due to excessive demand by HR-X customers which left the design and proto-type chassis to be...

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  • VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Direct Drive turntable

    VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Direct Drive turntable

    The word is out! VPI will be launching the VPI HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable for their 40th Anniversary! Production is due late Feb 2019 but as this is a limited run we are now accepting pre-orders to get in the queue. A 25% deposit locks in your table,...

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  • VPI Avenger Plus turntable

    With the creation and introduction of the Avenger and Avenger Reference, we found there was a large gap between the products in price range. To accommodate those looking for a step up from the Avenger but not ready to take go all in for the Avenger...

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  • VPI Avenger Reference turntable

    Update - The VPI Avenger Reference now ships standard with the VPI Fat Boy 12" tonearm, usually a multiple thousand $ upgrade!  The final and polished for of the VPI Avenger Reference.  This model went through an evolution with the creation of...

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  • VPI Titan turntable

    VPI Titan turntable

    Details to be published shortly on this behemoth, but you're looking at a world class magnetic platter rim drive turntable that out-performs the direct drive VPI so highly regarded.  It also features VPI's new ADS speed controller housed in a...

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