• VPI 300rpm motor upgrade kit

    VPI 300rpm motor upgrade kit

    Now you can upgrade your Scout, Aries 1 or TNT's current motor to the new lower noise & vibration 300 rpm motor used on the Scoutmaster, Aries2, TNT6 and HRX turntables. This upgrade gives a...
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  • VPI 45rpm spindle adaptor

    VPI 45rpm spindle adaptor

    Essentially a clamp for 45RPM records, the 45RPM Spindle Adapter threads over the spindle of all VPI Record Cleaning Machines and screws down to firmly hold 45RPM discs in place...
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  • VPI ADS motor drive

    VPI ADS motor drive

    VPI offers their Analogue Drive System unit to really lock in the speed of your VPI turntable, with speed adjustments available via the front dial, and push-button speed switching (33.3 to 45rpm)...
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  • VPI Alignment protractor / jig

    VPI Alignment protractor / jig

    The VPI Alignment Jig is a simple to use, accurate alignment jig for setting cartridge measurements. The VPI Alignment Jig addresses the three most important factors of alignment: Proper Offset,...
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  • VPI Avenger Direct turntable VPI Avenger Direct turntable

    VPI Avenger Direct turntable

    Fresh from this year's Capital Audio Festival comes the brand new VPI Avenger Direct turntable!  Specs to be uploaded as they come to hand, but think Avenger and HW-40 direct drive combination...
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  • VPI Avenger Plus turntable

    VPI Avenger Plus turntable

    With the creation and introduction of the Avenger and Avenger Reference, we found there was a large gap between the products in price range. To accommodate those looking for a step up from the...
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  • VPI Avenger Reference feet

    VPI Avenger Reference feet

    These footers offer an improved amount of compliance for your VPI turntable. With the ability to fit all models, this is a great upgrade that you can take with you should you climb the VPI turntable...
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  • VPI Avenger Reference turntable

    VPI Avenger Reference turntable

    The final and polished for of the VPI Avenger Reference.  This model went through an evolution with the creation of our top of the line Titan turntable in using the same concept of the rim drive...
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  • VPI Avenger turntable

    VPI Avenger turntable

    The VPI Avenger table was originally a project started by Harry over 12 years ago. In the process of the design the project was dropped in mid-production due to excessive demand by HR-X customers...
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  • VPI Classic Signature turntable VPI Classic Signature turntable

    VPI Classic Signature turntable

    The VPI Classic features a solid, non-resonating laminated one-piece MDF chassis available in three beautiful finishes: Black Ash, Piano Black, and Walnut. The chassis is bonded to a 3/4" thick...
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  • VPI cork mat

    VPI cork mat

    The self-stick VPI Cork Mat is made to replace the mat on a VPI 16.5 or 17F cleaning machine. It can also be used as a replacement mat on many turntable platters. The most common use is as an extra...
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  • VPI Crosscheck turntable level

    VPI Crosscheck turntable level

    Level your turntable with VPI's Crosscheck Turntable Level.  Leveling a turntable is essential to ensure proper performance. The platter's constant speed, cartridge's tracking ability and the...
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  • VPI DS Signature turntable VPI DS Signature turntable

    VPI DS Signature turntable

    The VPI Signature DS takes the best aspects of their Signature 21 and trickles down the performance in a more affordable package. Standard with a Gimbal 3D arm, HW-40 isolation feet, double-stacked...
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  • VPI Dual Pivot assembly

    VPI Dual Pivot assembly

    The VPI Dual Pivot Assembly for JMW Tonearms is compatible with both 3D and metal JMW tonearms. We've found this to add more focus especially with vocals, and so comes highly recommended. Fitment is...
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  • VPI Fatboy tonearm VPI Fatboy tonearm

    VPI Fatboy tonearm

    The VPI Fatboy Tonearm is available both in a Uni-Pivot style and a Gimbaled style and in all lengths (9, 10.5, 12" - no price difference). The Fatboy can be used with VPI's current production...
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