Read what our customers have to say about Krispy Audio

"Loving the Manley gear!" - Richard NSW

"Kate and I are hearing things we never thought possible! Suddenly we're not only hearing the music, but the venue and the live audience, and with such a realism that really puts you in the concert on live recordings. We're enamoured with the system now, thankyou for getting this all set up" - M.K. NSW (Esoteric K-01XD SACD Player)

"The power cable plugged into the Briscati M1 DAC made a positive difference in my system, specifically it removed a layer of grain / glare, whilst presenting the music more effortlessly in a blacker background with more micro detail. When I reinstated my original power cable for an A/B comparison, my wife who happened to be walking past the room, said "this sound is awful compared to before"... the before, being with your power cable in the system. She was right :)" - Peter NSW

"Just wanted to say that I have been playing the hell out of this system and I LOVE IT! So thanks again for everything" - David NSW (Hoyt-Bedford speakers, Micromega phono stage, Manley amp)

"Wow!!!! My stereo has come to life!!! Finally the Jamo 907's are 'happy'….. Spacious, detailed and the typical mid-range of valves but not in any way at the expense of anything else. And I now truly understand what the term 'slam' means when it comes to good bass. I still don't understand whether solid state or valve amps provide better bass, however this pre-amp works with my gear. Do you sell many of these beasties? I hope you do.. People need to sell their car or house or their children to finance one of these…. Truly amazing. And now I have to plan for more Manley gear in the future." - Bruce WA

"WOW! That was the first words out of my mouth when I first connected them late last night." - Victor NSW (Speaker cables)

"Great cable, perfect length, well packaged for the long trip." – Derek USA

"I have to say something I thought I'd never say in my life - but it is a beautiful cable!! It's absolutely gorgeous, I'm totally enchanted with it :))))" – Julie UK (custom Krispy Kables cable) 

"Fantastic cable! Very well built and sounds great. Fast shipping to US!" – Tim USA (custom Krispy Kables cable)