Read what our customers have to say about Krispy Audio

"Kate and I are hearing things we never thought possible! Suddenly we're not only hearing the music, but the venue and the live audience, and with such a realism that really puts you in the concert on live recordings. We're enamoured with the system now, thankyou for getting this all set up" - M.K. NSW (Esoteric K-01XD SACD Player)

"The power cable plugged into the Briscati M1 DAC made a positive difference in my system, specifically it removed a layer of grain / glare, whilst presenting the music more effortlessly in a blacker background with more micro detail. When I reinstated my original power cable for an A/B comparison, my wife who happened to be walking past the room, said "this sound is awful compared to before"... the before, being with your power cable in the system. She was right :)" - Peter NSW

"Just wanted to say that I have been playing the hell out of this system and I LOVE IT! So thanks again for everything" - David NSW (Hoyt-Bedford speakers, Micromega phono stage, Manley amp)

"Wow!!!! My stereo has come to life!!! Finally the Jamo 907's are 'happy'….. Spacious, detailed and the typical mid-range of valves but not in any way at the expense of anything else. And I now truly understand what the term 'slam' means when it comes to good bass. I still don't understand whether solid state or valve amps provide better bass, however this pre-amp works with my gear. Do you sell many of these beasties? I hope you do.. People need to sell their car or house or their children to finance one of these…. Truly amazing. And now I have to plan for more Manley gear in the future." - Bruce WA

"Hi Cameron, success!! Well, I plugged everything in, the (Furutech) binding posts work a treat, and it all sounds GREAT! A noticable improvement in all respects. The music has a more energy, verve, oompph, more smooth, dark, solid. Also more delicacy, high end detail, transparency, air, better soundstage, you can really hear the 'room' the music is recorded in. VERY nice..  better than i expected. thanks heaps!" - Bruce NSW (Installed new Furutech binding posts, hookup wire and Furutech rhodium IEC outlet)

"Headphones arrived this morning. The repair looks exceptional and I'm listening as I type! Thanks for the excellent repair work and customer service. I'll definitely send more work your way if I need cable work done!" - Giles NSW

"WOW! That was the first words out of my mouth when I first connected them late last night." - Victor NSW (Speaker Cables)

"Great cable, perfect length, well packaged for the long trip." – Derek USA

"I have to say something I thought I'd never say in my life - but it is a beautiful cable!! It's absolutely gorgeous, I'm totally enchanted with it :))))" – Julie UK 

"Fantastic cable! Very well built and sounds great. Fast shipping to US!" – Tim USA