VPI Parts

  • VPI headshell weight

    VPI headshell weight

    The VPI Headshell Weight, designed for use with VPI JMW tonearms, allows lighter cartridges to be used on heavy tonearms, such as the 10" and longer JMW tonearms. The 3 gram headshell weight may also be used on very...
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  • VPI replacement drive belts VPI replacement drive belts

    VPI replacement drive belts

    Standard Replacement Drive Belts For VPI Turntables This is an OEM Replacement for VPI turntables.  Price is for 1, or 1 full set of belts to suit.  Single belt models = $57 each Multi-belt models = $73 per full kit   Note: Aries...
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  • VPI Magic Lube bearing grease

    VPI Magic Lube bearing grease

    Keep Your VPI Table Spinning Freely With Super Lube!  Super Lube is the same bearing grease used on all VPI turntables, only a very small amount is necessary to maintain optimum performance.
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  • VPI periphery ring belts

    VPI periphery ring belts

    The belts on the VPI periphery clamp will over time wear out, replace them with these.  Two belts are included in this package.
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  • VPI tonearm counterweight

    VPI tonearm counterweight

    If you have a high mass cartridge and having trouble balancing it on your VPI tonearm, you can purchase these counterweights to solve the problem.The JMW counterweight's unique design and precision machining puts the weight below the centre line of the...
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  • VPI 300rpm motor upgrade kit

    VPI 300rpm motor upgrade kit

    Now you can upgrade your Scout, Aries 1 or TNT's current motor to the new lower noise & vibration 300 rpm motor used on the Scoutmaster, Aries2, TNT6 and HRX turntables. This upgrade gives a substantial improvement over your current VPI motor.This...
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