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USB Cables

  • ADL Formula 2-B USB 2.0 cable

    ADL by Furutech USB Interconnect 24k Gold-Plated Nonmagnetic USB 2.0 Connectors and Silver-Plated α (Alpha) OFC Conductors Main conductor: Silver-plated α (Alpha) OFC Conductors Main insulation: Special-grade high-density...

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  • ADL iD-30 Apple Dock USB Cable

    The iD-30P series are no ordinary cables; they’ve engineered and produced with Furutech’s Pure Transmission technology and feature silver-plated α (Alpha) OCC conductor (28AWG) for minimal transmission loss and 24k gold-plated USB...

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  • ADL iD8-A Lightning Cable

    Not just another pretty face! The iD8-A is no ordinary cable; it’s engineered and produced with Furutech’s Pure Transmission technology and features silver-plated α (Alpha) OCC conductor (28AWG) for minimal transmission loss and 24k...

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  • Furutech GT2 B USB cable

    Furutech USB Interconnect Put Your Computer-Based Audio System on the Podium with Pure Transmission GT2 USB Cables The GT2 is a beautifully engineered and built USB 2.0 cable for enthusiasts with growing music collections on their computer hard...

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  • Furutech GT2-B PRO USB cable

    Following on from the success of the Furutech GT2 USB cable Furutech now introduces the higher specified GT2Pro 2.0 USB cable. The cable is formed around special α (Alpha) OCC silver copper alloy conductors with superior high-density polyethylene...

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  • Shunyata Venom USB cable

    Shunyata Venom USB cable

    Don't be fooled by the Shunyata Venom USB's reasonable price, as every aspect of its design and material construction has been optimised for superior audio performance. Unlike the majority of USB cables that are little more than re-badged printer...

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  • Shunyata Delta USB cable

    Shunyata Delta USB cable

    There are many problems with off-the-shelf USB cables including poor quality conductors and dielectrics and insufficient shielding. Conventional cables induce high amounts of signal jitter and phase noise degrading sonic performance. Shunyata's Delta...

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  • Shunyata Alpha USB cable

    Shunyata's Alpha USB cables feature Precision Matched Z conductors. Signal and power wires are heavily shielded for superior noise immunity. Each Alpha USB cable is handmade. Digital signal and USB cables possess extreme sensitivity to...

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  • Shunyata Sigma USB cable

    Shunyata Research’s Sigma USB cable resides at the top of its performance class due to Shunyata’s unique design, hand-craftsmanship and patent-pending technology. A primary design attribute of the Sigma USB is its 100% coverage silver-braided...

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