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  • PlugCare RCA and XLR caps

    PlugCare RCA and XLR caps

    Please note XLR version temporarily out of stock Protects any unused RCA / XLR connectors from being adversely affected by any kind of physical damage, dust, moisture and oxidation. Cover unused inputs to avoid miss-wiring. Features: Universal...

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  • Isotek Full System Enhancer CD

    Here's a great way to run-in some new speakers, demagnetise your system, and in fact run in any component. The tracks feature specially developed algorithms, which create a unique set of signals to reduce burn-in time and ‘run-in’ equipment...

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  • Isotek Ultimate System Setup Disc

    Isotek Ultimate System Setup Disc

    This disc containt 20 Tracks to help set-up, test and fine-tune your audio system. It consists of a mix of music, sounds and voices, incorporating 14 specific test and tune-up tracks alongside carefully selected music from the highly regarded Opus3...

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  • Furutech TF High Performance Fuse

    Please contact us for availability as some of these (especially 32mm) are being phased out. Furutech Select Series Pure Transmission Fuses 20mm and 32mm Nonmagnetic Time-lag (Slow blow) Fuses Material: Copper Caps with direct rhodium plating. ...

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  • Ortofon 100 year Anniversary book

    Ortofon 100 year Anniversary book - collector's item There are very few companies which survive long enough to celebrate their 100th birthday, but Ortofon is one. With the publication of this special book, we share our pride in Ortofon with the public;...

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  • DS Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner

    If you have a turntable, you NEED THIS! We've tried them all, and our preferred solution is the silicone pad stylus cleaners. They're simply the most gentle on your stylus. The only caveat is that they won't remove grit that is hardened and stuck to...

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  • Furutech Destat 3 static remover

    Zap!  The new Furutech Destat III is incredibly easy to use as it removes dust and static charge from audio/video media in just one 15 second treatment – now with 30% more zapping power. High performance enthusiasts know that static charges...

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