Michell Accessories

  • Michell turntable bearing oil

    Michell turntable bearing oil

    Genuine Michell bearing oil. We use a proprietary synthetic oil to lubricate the main bearing in all our turntables. The oil has to be a precise viscosity to enable our inverted bearings to circulate the oil correctly.
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  • Michell Finger locking nut

    Michell Finger locking nut

    The Michell finger locking nut allows you to secure your Rega tonearm in place without the need for spanners or grips.Can be used in conjunction with VTA Adjuster 1 kit.*compatible with Rega tonearms and derivatives using a threaded base, such as the...
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  • VTA 1 VTA 2

    Michell VTA kit

    Vertical Tracking Adjuster kits for Michell turntables. Select from the drop-down menu which version you need; VTA 1, 2 or 3.  The Michell VTA adjuster allows you to easily adjust the height of your tonearm, so it is perfectly level no matter what...
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  • Michell arm plate decoupling kit

    Michell arm plate decoupling kit

    Available to original GyroDec / Orbe owners whose turntable has the arm plate attached using long screws and straight through spacers. The new assembly isolates the arm plate from the chassis of the turntable using a redesigned arm plate spacer...
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  • Michell Unicover

    Michell Unicover

    The UniCover is a great solution for people who have an open style turntable with no hinged lid and want to keep the essential parts of their turntable dust free. 
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  • Michell Orbe clamp kit

    Michell Orbe clamp kit

    To bring all of the added benefits of the Orbe screw-down record clamp to GyroDec and Gyro SE owners, the Michell Orbe Clamp Kit contains a new, threaded record spindle that you retro-fit to the main bearing body.Once fitted, the record clamp screws...
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  • Michell Iso Base turntable plinth

    Michell Iso Base turntable plinth

    Designed for the Michell Orbe SE, Gyro SE and TecnoDec, the Iso Base is the ideal platform to place your Michell turntable. Its inert material characteristic combined with the tenderfeet give it the extra isolation that is necessary for the very best...
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  • Michell Secure Cover Michell Secure Cover

    Michell Secure Cover

    Available to fit the Orbe SE and Gyro SE, the SEcure Cover has been designed to totally cover the whole deck (platter, motor and arm assembly) and is the best solution to keep your naked Michell Engineering turntable free of dust.  
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  • Michell HR power supply upgrade Michell HR power supply upgrade

    Michell HR power supply upgrade

    The HR Power Supply is a low-noise electronic power source for the DC motors as found on the Michell TecnoDec, GyroDec and Gyro SE turntables.Adding extra stability to the power supply for the motor, the HR features the novel Never-Connected circuit, and...
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  • Michell Orbe platter upgrade kit Shown installed on a Michell Gyro SE

    Michell Orbe platter upgrade kit

    The Michell Orbe Platter Kit offers owners of GyroDecs and Gyro SEs the opportunity to take their turntables to the next level. Comprehensive kit includes: 60mm thick extra heavy impedance-matched platter Screw-down record clamp, compatible with...
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