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  • PlugCare RCA and XLR caps

    PlugCare RCA and XLR caps

    Protects any unused RCA / XLR connectors from being adversely affected by any kind of physical damage, dust, moisture and oxidation. Cover unused inputs to avoid miss-wiring. Features: Universal fit over XLR / RCA female connectors Made from...

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  • Shunyata Universal Power Adaptor

    Basically a short extension cable for when your power cable's IEC plug is too large for your equipment.  • Female C15 IEC > Male C15 IEC • Alpha Cyrogenically treated • Used to connect high end power cables to equipment which...

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  • MagicHexa Isolation Pods Mk2

    MagicHexa Isolation Pods Mk2

    The Mk2 version of the very popular MagicHexa has increased side thicnkess for added performance.  MagicHexa™ is specifically designed and optimised visco-elastic polymer that combines shock absorption, vibration isolation and vibration...

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  • Blue Horizon Spike Shoes

    Blue Horizon Spike Shoes

    Blue Horizon’s Ultimate Spike Shoes are designed to sit beneath the spikes that support floorstanding speakers and speaker stands. They serve a dual purpose: firstly, they protect flooring and secondly, they enhance sound quality by suppressing...

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  • Isotek Full System Enhancer CD

    Here's a great way to run-in some new speakers, demagnetise your system, and in fact run in any component. The tracks feature specially developed algorithms, which create a unique set of signals to reduce burn-in time and ‘run-in’ equipment...

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  • Isotek Ultimate System Setup Disc

    Isotek Ultimate System Setup Disc

    This disc containt 20 Tracks to help set-up, test and fine-tune your audio system. It consists of a mix of music, sounds and voices, incorporating 14 specific test and tune-up tracks alongside carefully selected music from the highly regarded Opus3...

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  • iPad 2 Vantage Point Beanbag Mount

    iPad 2 Vantage Point Beanbag Mount

    Once you attach a Bean Bag to your iPad 2, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! The Vantage Point Beanbag allows you to easily position your iPad 2 to whatever angle and location you need it. It's the perfect companion for your lap and curling...

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  • Furutech TF High Performance Fuse

    Please contact us for availability as some of these (especially 32mm) are being phased out. Furutech Select Series Pure Transmission Fuses 20mm and 32mm Nonmagnetic Time-lag (Slow blow) Fuses Material: Copper Caps with direct rhodium plating. ...

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  • Art Vinyl Play & Display LP Holder/Flip Frames

    Art Vinyl Play & Display LP Holder/Flip Frames

    Art Vinyl are wall-mountable picture frames that are hinged so you can quickly insert and remove a 12" LP. They're a great way to display your favourite LPs on the wall, whilst also being functional as you can remove and play in seconds. Change the look...

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  • MagicShoes Floor Protectors

    MagicShoes Floor Protectors

    Agora Acoustics MagicShoes are precision CNC machined Duralumin spike shoes designed to compliment MagicHexa isolation pods. Spike integrated audio components can use MagicHexa & MagicShoes together without removing original spikes...

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  • Ortofon 100 year Anniversary book

    Ortofon 100 year Anniversary book - collector's item There are very few companies which survive long enough to celebrate their 100th birthday, but Ortofon is one. With the publication of this special book, we share our pride in Ortofon with the public;...

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  • Shunyata Venom C5 C7 C7P Mini Power Adapters

    Shunyata Venom C5 C7 C7P Mini Power Adapters

    Shunyata Research’s created its own C5, C7 and C7P Adapters to allow a seamless, high-performance connection between components that use these IEC types and Shunyata’s power cords. The vast majority of electronics that use the C7, C7P and C5...

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  • DS Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner

    If you have a turntable, you NEED THIS! We've tried them all, and our preferred solution is the silicone pad stylus cleaners. They're simply the most gentle on your stylus. The only caveat is that they won't remove grit that is hardened and stuck to...

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  • Solid Tech Floor Protectors

    Solid Tech Floor Protectors

    Aluminum and Brass floor protectors not only protects the floor they reduce the amount of vibrational energy going into the rack. 4-Pack aluminium floor protectors for Solid Tech Rack of Silence legs. Available in Silver or Black anodized with brass...

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  • Solid Tech Isoblack Vibration Isolators

    Solid Tech Isoblack Vibration Isolators

    These Isoblack discs are a universal isolation device that exhibit a measured  84.64% vibration reduction at 20Hz. Have you seen a vibration measurement from any other isolator manufacturer?! These can be used on any rack and under most components...

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