About Us


Established in 2006 and located in Berowra, Sydney NSW, we are a high-fidelity audio retailer focussed on offering a broad range of hifi components that we've used, tested and adore. We are the exclusive distributors for brands including VPI TurntablesManley Labs components, WBT connectorsTune Audio speakers, Sota Turntables and many more.

We are available by request to audition our products, your place or ours. This isn't limited to components, but cables as well. Even if you're not at the buying stage just yet, we'd love to hear from you and what you're hoping to achieve.

We're in business for one reason - to bring musical fulfilment into people's lives. It's as simple as that. Nothing is more gratifying to us than receiving an email or call from a customer telling us how excited they are after hearing their recent acquisition. Here's an example:

"Wow! My stereo has come to life!!! Finally the Jamo 907's are 'happy'….. Spacious, detailed and the typical mid-range of valves but not in any way at the expense of anything else. And I now truly understand what the term 'slam' means when it comes to good bass. I still don't understand whether solid state or valve amps provide better bass, however this pre-amp works with my gear."

How good is that. Because of this business philosophy, you can be assured of personal and tailored advice, whatever your hifi needs. We utilise all our equipment daily and so if a product or brand doesn't perform for us, we simply won't sell it.

Cameron Pope - Owner, Krispy Audio.

Krispy Kables cables

There’s a multitude of snake-oil and meaningless advertising claims found in a lot of ads and product literature for audiophile cables. We grew tired of this and decided that there was a market for people who just wanted honest, down-to-earth products that were well made and performed as expected. Thus, Krispy Kables was borne. 

For some, your existing cables may be the weakest link in an otherwise high-end system. We cater for you with our top line products designed to minimise signal degradation between components. You may be someone who just wants something better than an off-the-shelf generic product, but don’t want to pay the earth for a decent cable. And you shouldn’t have to. We cater for you as well. We offer re-termination services (some brands excluded due to design) if you need to repair old cables, or change from one plug to another.