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  • ModWright Elyse Dac

    ModWright Elyse Dac

    The Elyse DAC is ModWright’s expression of modern digital technology in harmony with Elegance, Simplicity, and Truth of vacuum tube analog design. The heart of the Elyse...

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  • ModWright LS 100 preamp

    ModWright LS 100 preamp

    Single-ended design with 10 function remote control, (2) 6SN7 (Driver) and (1) 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier. Single gain/buffer stage, phase inverting, five standard inputs, one Monitor input and tape...

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  • ModWright LS 36.5 preamp

    ModWright LS 36.5 preamp

    The ModWright LS 36.5 represents ModWright’s finest tube linestage performance, offering true balanced outputs and XLR inputs. It follows our SE tube linestage, the SWL 9.0SE, offering a...

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  • ModWright PH 150 Phono Stage

    ModWright PH 150 Phono Stage

    The Modwright PH 150 Reference Tube Phono stage features on-the-fly loading and attenuation controls. The PH 150 is an all tube-transformer coupled design with external SS PS 150 power supply...

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  • ModWright PH 9.0 tube phono stage

    ModWright PH 9.0 tube phono stage

    Easy load adjustment from the front panel!Easy gain adjustment!Two Phono inputs!Mono Switch! NEW REVIEW FROM NEW RECORD DAY!!!System Review with Wilson Sabrina’s! We...

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