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  • Shelter 201 MM Phono Cartridge

    Shelter 201 MM Phono Cartridge

    The Shelter 201 is a suerb MM (moving magnet) cartridge. Designed for affordability, the weight and output are matched for a wide selection of tonearms. Unlike many MM cartridges, there is no...

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  • Shelter 411 Type II MC Step-Up Transformer

    The Shelter 411 II is mono-functional stereo MC transformer to match with MC cartridges with internal impedance (DCR) of less than 15 ohm. The impedance tolerance is 25 ohms. The transformer is a...

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  • Shelter 501 MC III Cartridge

    Shelter 501 MC III Cartridge

    The Shelter Model 501 III moving coil is the latest development of their 501 series, probably the most popular from Shelter. Through continued refinement the 501 III is equally responsive with the...

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  • Shelter 901 II MC Cartridge

    The Shelter 901II uses the same aluminum clad boron cantilever and elliptical diamond stylus tip as the Model 7000 & 9000. The qualities of low noise and superb reproduction are evident in this...

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  • Shelter Accord Cartridge

    Shelter Accord Cartridge

    The Shelter Accord MC phono cartridge is a magnificent composite of intricately layered, ultra-dense, dry-carbon fiber and titanium. The dry-carbon fiber has a remarkable 60 ton compression ratio of...

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  • Shelter Harmony MC Cartridge

    Shelter Harmony MC Cartridge

    Shelter’s flagship model, the Harmony, employs dry carbon fibre (CFRP) body shell. CFRP delivers a superb acoustic characteristic and is an ideal match with the newly designed motor assembly...

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