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Agora Acoustics

  • MagicHexa Isolation Pods Mk2

    MagicHexa Isolation Pods Mk2

    The Mk2 version of the very popular MagicHexa has increased side thicnkess for added performance.  MagicHexa™ is specifically designed and optimised visco-elastic polymer that combines...

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  • MagicShoes Floor Protectors

    MagicShoes Floor Protectors

    Agora Acoustics MagicShoes are precision CNC machined Duralumin spike shoes designed to compliment MagicHexa isolation pods. Spike integrated audio components can use MagicHexa &...

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  • PlugCare RCA and XLR caps

    PlugCare RCA and XLR caps

    Protects any unused RCA / XLR connectors from being adversely affected by any kind of physical damage, dust, moisture and oxidation. Cover unused inputs to avoid miss-wiring...

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  • X-Rider Cable Elevators

    Agora Acoustics X-Rider cable elevators are precision engineered using laser cutting machines and come crafted in premium grade acrylic plate.X-Rider's optimised configuration enables...

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