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Verity Audio

  • Verity Audio Finn Speakers

    Verity Audio Finn Speakers

    The Verity Audio Finn is a 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker with a: 1” Soft Dome Tweeter 5” Midrange-Woofer Driver 6” Rear-firing Woofer Driver  We have a demonstration pair available to listen to, your place or ours...

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  • Verity Audio Lakme Speakers

    Verity Audio Lakme Speakers

    The new Verity Audio Lakmé loudspeaker proudly finds its place between the world acclaimed Verity Finn and Otello. It offers unique features making it room-acoustic friendly for a wide spectrum of configurations and room placement possibilities...

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  • Verity Audio Otello Speakers

    Verity Audio Otello Speakers

    The Otello exemplifies Verity Audio’s philosophy. This commanding loudspeaker boasts impressive dynamics and true musicality, qualities for which all Verity Audio loudspeakers are recognized. Like all of Verity Audio’s fine products, Otello...

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  • Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversary Speakers

    Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversary Speakers

    Verity is proud to announce its brand new Parsifal Anniversary, a new addition to the bastion of a legendary product. Only when we first heard these in Munich, did we truly understand what they were capable of. The Parsifal Anniversary has a new cabinet...

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  • Verity Audio Amadis Speakers

    Verity Audio's Amadis speaker is an impressive performer and represents outstanding value at its price. Features: 1” Soft Dome Tweeter 6” Midrange-Woofer Driver 9.5” Rear-firing Woofer Driver The Amadis impressive blend of...

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  • Verity Audio Sarastro II Speakers

    The Verity Audio Sarastro is possibly my favourite speaker! It's ridiculously easy to drive, and is just as happy to recreate for you one of the most enjoyable acoustic instrumental timbre you've heard, or bang out some hard heavy metal with the utmost...

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  • Verity Audio Lohengrin IIS Speakers

    The Verity Audio Lohengrin - for unsurpassed audio nirvana. 2” Pure aluminium ribbon Tweeter 5” Midrange-Woofer Driver 9" Lower Midrange Driver 15” Rear-firing Woofer Driver Verity Audio's Lohengrin IIS is an uncompromising...

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